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MedSource Private Limited


Job Details

CompanyMedSource Private Limited
Company Registration NoNot set
Job CategoryHealthcare & Medical
TagMedical Language Specialist/Medical Transcriptionist
Job DescriptionThe primary function of the medical transcriptionist is to listen to audio files made by physicians and other health care personnel. These audio files must be transcribed into accurate electronic medical reports, correspondence, and administrative materials. They usually listen to recordings on a head set. They can pause the recordings with a foot pedal. The text is then keyed into a word processing program or a personal computer system. The medical transcriptionist must carefully edit this text for grammar and clarity errors. This professional is able to produce documents that include the following reports: discharge summaries, physical examination reports, medical history reports, operative reports, autopsy reports, and consultation reports. After these reports are completed, the medical transcriptionist returns the electronic files to the health professionals for correction and signatures. These documents are very important because they become a part of the patients’ permanent medical file.
Job Type
Numbe Of Jobs25
Posted Date2012-07-15

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Experience (Years)
Job QualificationsMedical transcriptionists with experience (Preferred but not essential) Willing to work on shift basis Good English background and communication Basic knowledge of computer and internet preferred but NOT a must School leavers after A/levels, especially from International Schools

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